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“Our focus on sustainable trust builds bridges for our clients”


Unsworth & Associates (“U&A”) has been administering and managing the offshore affairs of multinational corporations and select families for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of each client – from simple holding company structures requiring basic domiciliation and management services to fully operational activities with leased offices, furniture, fixtures and employees.

In our 30 years of operating we have been very fortunate to have met with and worked alongside some of the finest professionals in audit, accounting, finance, valuations, corporate legal and tax in Europe and North America. This is a strength that has benefited both our operations and that of our clients.

We are a privately owned company providing a wide range of services based on a straight forward annual based fee arrangement. We are fully independent and not part of a larger financial institution, venture capital or private equity group. Compensations received by our clients are credited directly to their accounts. Our single source of revenue is earned from set fees charged to the client for administration and management. In all instances, and whatever the location, all-in fees are negotiated with clients with no hidden charges. An open dialogue is maintained to evaluate fees on a yearly basis, according to workload and responsibilities.

We attribute the success and growth of our business by the quality of our relationships rather than quantity of our client base.

Since 2005, U&A-Amsterdam has had a license to perform its role as managers and administrators under the new legislation effected and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank. Similarly, U&A-Luxembourg has been licensed by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier from 2010.


We would like to get things sorted out...

Preparation, presentation and maintenance of all aspects of the Company’s interim and annual accounting. Statements can be provided either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Netherlands, Luxembourg, US or Canadian GAAP and IFRS standards can be integrated for reporting purposes.

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