Our Amsterdam & Luxembourg offices are serving as a ‘linking pin’ for all of our clients while we build and promote a good relationship with them!



Our Services & Solutions

All levels of management, administration, accounting and legal services are offered in a consistent and ethical manner.

We work tirelessly to ensure that you remain compliant with the evolving substance requirements laid down by the Dutch regulators and the OECD.

Provision of the governance and regulatory oversight needed to protect the benefits attributed by the Dutch tax regime specifically in regard to accessing the large bilateral treaty network.

Preparation, presentation and maintenance of all aspects of the Company’s interim and annual accounting. Financial Statements, both standalone and consolidated, can be provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the needs of the client.

Netherlands, Luxembourg, US or Canadian GAAP and IFRS standards can be integrated for reporting purposes.

Assistance, advice and action on all legal issues usually in concert with the Company’s in-house legal, Dutch or Luxembourg legal advisors and any other legal/compliance officers who may be situated either in Luxembourg, the Netherlands or any other jurisdiction.

We do not give tax advice but work closely with some of the best tax firms in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Toronto.

Maintenance of the Company’s books and records including all filings with regulators, Chamber of Commerce, Dutch Central Bank and others.

Drafting of corporate documents such as minutes, resolutions, proxies and maintaining the Shareholder’s Register.

We include in our base fee structure the assistance and help required for the formation of a client’s Dutch or Luxembourg entity.

We are certified to act as a Liquidator should it be decided to liquidate the Dutch or Luxembourg entities.

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